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Tadahiro Konoe

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Born in 1970, Konoe spent eight years of his childhood in Switzerland, attending local and international schools where he acquired fluency in English and French.

After graduating from Musashino Art University, he worked in television, producing documentaries, music videos and commercials before moving into mega-events for fashion brands and product design. His fluency in languages led naturally to involvement in international projects for overseas enterprises entering the Japanese market and for Japanese companies and governmental organizations operating abroad.

The Konoe family is one of Japan’s oldest and most illustrious, occupying a leading position at the imperial court since the 7th century. As direct descendant of this line, Konoe has a traditional role for the Imperial Household Agency as master of ceremonies for the annual new year’s poetry reading at the imperial palace and at a number of major shrines and temples. He is also deeply involved in other traditional arts, including Noh drama and tea ceremony.

As a trustee of the Yomei Bunko Foundation, he is responsible for the care and preservation of the Konoe family historical records, a collection of over 100,000 items that includes the Diary of Fujiwara no Michinaga, a 1,000-year old National Treasure.

Konoe’s mission in life has always been to promote Japan’s culture of creativity, notably the ideal of designing universal value that will stand the test of time.

TV appearances

“Japan’s noble families – 150 years of turmoil” NHK-BS (2016)
“The art of incense – a 500-year family tradition” NHK-BS (2009)

Magazine interviews

Katei Gaho May, 2012 (Sekai Bunka Publishing Inc.)

* Article: Machiko Yorozu, Photo: Masayuki Sakamoto (Sekai Bunka Publishing Inc.)

Fujin Gaho Jan, 2015 (Hearst Fujingaho Co., Ltd.)


“The Konoe Family in the Pacific War”, NHK Publishing, 2002.

Convention speaker

Advertising Week Asia 2018


Imperial Household Agency – Occasional poetry ceremony master of ceremonies (1997-)
Yomei Bunko Foundation – Trustee (2015-)
Kita Noh Foundation – Chairman of the Board (2016-)

Work History

2018curioswitch Inc.
Co-founder, CEO and creative director
2014simpleshow Japan.
Supervised Japan subsidiary launch
of this German video production company
2013Colours International.
Co-founder, director and creative director
for hotel planning and branding
2004GT Partners.
Co-founder, director and creative director
2000SUN Produce.
Production coordinator of fashion shows
and party events for international brands
1998SONY Pictures TV Japan.
Broadcast systems manager for launch
of AXN and ANIMAX satellite channels
1997MTV Japan.
Produced and directed new programs
Directed art programs and documentaries

Recent Work

2018Branding advisor for Tiger Corporation
EU launch
2017Promotional video for LIXIL (Producer)
2016“Glaze Exhibition” at Isetan Shinjuku
(Creative Director)
Tsuji Kunio Exhibition at Maison de la Culture
du Japon à Paris (Creative Director)
“My Best Friend at the Hospital”
– photobook on facility dogs (Creative Director)
Vacheron Constantin press event (Producer)
2015“Salone del Giappone”
– Milan Expo related event (Creative Director)
Louis Vuitton press tour of Tohoku (Producer)
Jo Malone press tour of Kyoto (Producer)
Louis Vuitton exclusive dinner with Frank Gehry
in Tokyo (Producer)
Parfum Christian Dior press event in Tokyo
Van Cleef & Arpels “Peau d’Âne” event in Tokyo
Loewe Omotesando, Tokyo store opening
Miu Miu show and party (Producer)
2014COREDO “Noren” Project
– traditional banner designs on modern
buildings (Designer/Creative Director)
Van Cleef & Arpels Omotesando pop-up store
Louis Vuitton – Series 1 Shinjuku pop-up store
2013Louis Vuitton – Timeless Muses
– Tokyo Station Hotel (Producer)
Louis Vuitton – In-house seminar (Producer)
Parfum Christian Dior Tokyo press event
2012Sakura Color Products Corp. 90th Anniversary
700 limited edition colour set
(Creative Director/Designer)
Sound Theatre company logo, web and novelty
design (Artistic/Creative Director)
Tasaki Brand Story – jewelry company
promotion video series (Producer/Camera)
ZARA Ginza Re-opening event – Tokyo
Darley Japan – agency work for race horse
company of HH Sheikh Mohammed of Dubai
(Creative Director)