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Creative Director

Tadahiro Konoe


Born in Tokyo, 1970. 

He is an heir to the Konoe family, a royal family and one of the greatest public houses that has a history of over 1400 years. Despite his traditional background, he has spent his childhood in Geneva Switzerland and is trilingual.

After graduating from Musashino Art University, he has worked in a TV station and event production, experiencing TV programs, fashion shows and mega-event production, and even internet video streaming services. With his language skills, he has been involved in numerous international projects such as coordinating foreign production in Japan or branding Japanese products for a launch in Europe.

Through his experience in a multicultural environment, overcoming cultural differences and working towards the same goal, he became strongly aware of the importance of creating the bridge between Japan and the world with creative solutions and founded curioswitch in 2018.

Concurrent Posts

Instructor of the Ceremony of the Utakai Hajime (Recital of Best Japanese Poetries of the Year ) at Board of Ceremony, Imperial House Agency   
Councilor, Yomei Bunko Association
Director, Roppeita XIV Memorial Foundation

Selector, EDO TOKYO KIRARI Project of Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Commitee member, Council of Food Revitalization of Shima city, Mie Prefecture


Tiger Corporation's branding for Europe expansion 

(Branding Director hereinafter referred to as 'BD')


LIXIL Promotional Video (Video Production)

Tiger Corporation's branding for Europe expansion (BD)


''The Glaze'' Exhibition at Isetan Shinjuku (BD)

 ''Kunio Tsuji'' Exhibition at Japan Cultural Institute in Paris (Creative Director hereinafter referred to as 'CD')

Photo Album of Facility Dog ''My Best Friend at the Hospital'' (CD, Finance)

Vacheron Constantin - Press Event (Production)


Milano World Expo 2015 « Japan salone »  (CD, Art Direction)

Louis Vuitton - Tohoku Press Tour (Production)

Jo Malone - Kyoto Press Tour (Production)

Louis Vuitton - Frank Owen Gehry Dinner  (Production)

Parfum Christian Dior - Press Event  (Production)

Van Cleef & Arpels « Peau d’Âne » - Event (Production)

LOEWE - Opening at Omotesando (Production)

Miu Miu - Show and Party (Production)


COREDO “Noren” Project (Designer / CD)

          Project to apply traditional Japanese banner “Noren” on modern buildings

 Van Cleef & Arpels - Pop-Up Store at Omotesando  (Production)

 Louis Vuitton - Series 1 Shinjuku Pop-Up Store  (Production)


Louis Vuitton Timeless Muses - Tokyo Station Hotel (Production)

Louis Vuitton - In-House Seminar (Production)

Christian Dior Rouge Dior with Nathalie Portman - Tokyo (Production)


SAKURA Craypas - 90th Anniversary 700 colour set (CD)

          Product design of limited edition product by Sakura, the crayon company.

Sound Theatre (CD)

          Logo design, web design and novelty design for a theatre company.

TASAKI - Brand Story (Producer/Camera)

          Documentary style promotion video series for Tasaki jewellery.

Parfum Christian Dior - Press Event in Tokyo  (Production)

ZARA - Ginza Renewal Open in Tokyo


NHK BS ’Great Nature’ (Video Production)


Van Cleef & Arpels - California Rêverie Press Release (Production)


ELLE 20th Anniversary Party  (Video Production)


Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Japan Video Topics (Video Production)

ICS Hitotsubashi University MBA Course Introduction Video (Video Production)


Darley Japan (CD)

          Agency work for the racing horse company of HH Sheikh Mohammed of Dubai.


Film ''Ruff’n Tuff''(Video Production)

          Documentary Film exploring the root of Jamaican music.


Selected Panels & Presentations

2019 “Utakai Hajime - Imperial New Year's Poetry Reading” - Azabu-kai (Lecture)
2018 “Konoe family and the Imperial Court” - Genuine Japan (Lecture)
2018 “Japan Creative & Identity” - Advertising Week Asia (Panel Discussion)
2017 “Utakai Hajime - Imperial New Year's Poetry Reading”  Blue Flame Academy (Lecture)
2017 “Ikebana & Kaisho” - Sankeien (Panel Discussion)
2016 Japan Culture Expo  @Kyoto Nijo Castle (Panel Discussion)
2016 “Utakai Hajime - Imperial New Year's Poetry Reading” (Lecture)
2015 “Cultural Differences” (Lecture)
2014 Traditional Culture Exhibition  @Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi (Panel Discussion)

Media Appeareces - Magazines

2015 "Fujingaho" the January Number (Hearst Fujingaho Co., Ltd.)



2006 "VOGUE" the September number (Condé Nast Japan)

Media Appeareces - TV
2019 Poetry Recital at Motsuji - TV Iwate
2019 Documentary on Fumimaro Konoye and WW2 - NHK
2016 Documentary on former aristocracy - NHK
2009 Documentary on Kodo, the way of incense - NHK
2008 History Program on Heian aristocracy - NHK
2008 "BEGIN Japanology” English program on Heian aristocracy - NHK
2008 “Treasures of the Konoe family” - NHK
2008 “Utakai Hajime - Imperial New Year's Poetry Reading” Broadcast live every year
2002 Documentary on Pearl Harbor and life of Fumimaro and Fumitaka Konoe - NHK

2002 “Konoye family and the Pacific War” - NHK Publishing


2019 Webby Awards VIDEO How-To & DIY Webby Winner


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